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Hepatoprotective activity of orthosiphon stamineus on liver. Ultrasoundassisted extraction of antioxidants in misai. The present invention relates to the use of compounds of isopimarane diterpene type, e. Orthosiphon stamineus, gynura procumbens and ficus deltoidea are high valued medicinal plants of malaysia contain rich source of phenolic and flavonoid compounds. Antihyperuricemic and nephroprotective effects of extracts. Community herbal monograph on orthosiphon stamineus benth.

In the us it may be commonly known as cats whiskers or java tea. Traditional uses, phytochemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology. Jun 14, 2018 orthosiphon stamineus java tea is a leaf that is commonly brewed as a tea for a variety of purposes, but said purposes beyond just liking the taste of the tea tend to revolve around treating inflammatory disorders or treating ailments of the urogenital tract. The leaves and stem tips are used to make medicine. The objective of this study was to investigate the hepatoprotective activity of methanol extract of leaves of. Diuretic properties of orthosiphon stamineus benth. The plant is a medicinal herb found mainly throughout southern china, the indian subcontinent, south east asia and tropical queensland. Orthosiphon stamineus has been used in traditional medicine for centuries especially to treat diseases of the urinary system. Effect of drying methods on metabolites composition of. Orthosiphon stamineus benth lamiaceae is a herbaceous perennial plant, widely distributed throughout the tropical regions, especially in southeast asia.

The product is a traditional herbal medicinal product for use in specified indication exclusively based on longstanding use. Indonesian journal of science and education orthosiphon. Effective antiepileptic drugs aeds are available but have tolerability issues due to their side effects. Itis taxonomy is based on the latest scientific consensus available, and is provided as a general reference source for interested parties.

Hummingbirds, butterflies and bees find this plant attractive. Leaves of orthosiphon stamineus is extensively used as diuretic and for a wide range of conditions including rheumatism, diabetes, hypertension, tonsillitis, epilepsy. Orthosiphon stamineus benth or popularly known in malaysia as misai kucing is an herbal species indigenous to the southeast asian regions. Orthosiphon stamineus, een geneeskruid met een diuretische. Taking java tea might decrease how well the body gets rid of lithium. Orthosiphon stamineus os popularly known as diuretic agent are traditionally used in folk medicine in the treatment of hyperuricemia, rheumatism, gout, nephritis, nephrolithiasis, urethritis and cystitis. Here, oe was separated according to polarity and molecular weight, and the antioxidant activity of each component was.

Buy java tea orthosiphon stamineus 450 mg 100 capsules, zin. Professional to supply java teaorthosiphon stamineusextract. Opinion of the committee on herbal medicinal products on a community herbal monograph on orthosiphon stamineus benth. On the effects of a plant extract of orthosiphon stamineus on. The aims of the present study were to evaluate antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiproliferative effects on a549, hepg2 and mcf7 cell lines of four different extracts of orthosiphon. By means of hptlc densitometric technique and uvvis spectra, sinensetin sen and 3. It is also known as misai kuching in malaysia and kumis kuching in indonesia. Orthosiphon orthosiphonis folium herbal medicines for. This could increase how much lithium is in the body and result in serious side effects. Lamiaceae or misai kucing is a medicinal plant grown in southeast asia particularly malaysia and indonesia. Is used as a plant for pots, containers or planted out in the garden. The stem is approximately 54 cm in height at the oldest stage 62 orthosiphon stamineus, the cross sections of different developmental stages of leaves and stems were examined. Cats whiskers orthosiphon stamineus tea modulates arthritis. The aim of the study was to explore a propriety standardized ethanolic extract from leaves of orthosiphon stamineus benth in improving impairments in shortterm social memory in vivo, possibly via blockade of adenosine a 2a receptors a2ar.

Orthosiphon stamineus supplement health benefits, dosage. Orthosiphon stamineus java tea is a leaf that is commonly brewed as a tea for a variety of purposes, but said purposes beyond just liking the taste of the tea tend to revolve around treating inflammatory disorders or treating ailments of the urogenital tract. Taxonomic serial no 825867 download help orthosiphon tsn 825867 taxonomy and nomenclature kingdom. Orthosiphon stamineus being traditionally used for irrigation of the urinary tract in cases of renal. Antioxidant properties were evaluated using the assays of folinciocalteu, aluminiumtrichloride. The extracts showed superoxide scavenging and xanthine oxidase inhibitory activities using in vitro. It originates from the oceanic region and was introduced to mainland asian countries and the west sometime near the beginning of the.

Orthosiphon is a genus of plants in the family lamiaceae native to africa, southern asia and queensland, with one species o. The malaysian herb orthosiphon stamineus, is a traditional epilepsy remedy and possesses antiinflammatory, anti. Lamiaceae is widely used in malaysia for treatments of various kidney and liver ailments. Effect of drying methods on metabolites composition of misai. In this study, a 1h nmr based urine metabolomics tool has been used for the first time to identify the metabolic protective mechanism of os in dm using streptozotocin stz induced experimental model in rats. Hplc and antiinflammatory studies of the flavonoid rich. A different variety of phytoconstituents has been isolated from the orthosiphon species which include. Combined treatment of betulinic acid, a ptp1b inhibitor. Orthosiphon stamineus leaf extracts and to identify the active compounds contributing to its antiinflammatory activity using developed hplc methoda active chloroform. However, it is not a legal authority for statutory or regulatory purposes.

Orthosiphon stamineus extracts were extracted using 50% ethanol and enriched using ethyl acetate, and characterised utilising uplcesi. Highest fresh weight callus production was obtained from leaf explants and those with best friability were obtained on ms medium plus 1. Therefore, os was prepared in nano formulation form using liposomes from soybean. In this study, direct regeneration through nodal segment of this species was attempted using kinetin 6furfurylaminopurine and iaa indole3acetic acid. Orthosiphon stamineus is a herb that is widely grown in tropical areas. While every effort has been made to provide the most reliable and uptodate information available, ultimate legal requirements with respect to species are contained in. Orthosiphon aristatus is a plant species in the family of lamiaceae labiatae. Talk with your health provider java tea might have an effect like a water pill or diuretic.

Pharmacological effects of os are attributed to the presence of lipophilic flavones. We identified orthosiphon stamineus leaf extract as an interesting ingredient for reducing the oily appearance of skin thanks to its ability to reduce 5 reductase type 1 expression in normal human epidermal keratinocytes in vitro. Antioxidant and cytotoxicity using brine shrimp assay. It is known as kumis kucing in indonesia and misai kucing in malaysia, both of which translates to cats whiskers. Evidencebased complementary and alternative medicine. Callus of orthosiphon stamineus could be induced successfully from petiole, leaf and stem tissues but not roots when cultured on ms medium containing different concentration of naa 04. Orthosiphon aristatus in narshapur, ap w2 img 0974.

Effects of a proprietary standardized orthosiphon stamineus. To evaluate our hypothesis, we treated obese mice induced by 6 weeks of highfatdiet feeding with ba and os for 2 weeks. Botany and taxonomy of orthosiphon stamineus benth. Indonesia, and java tea europe, is native in south east asian indubala and ng. Genotoxicity, acute and subchronic toxicity studies of. Cut back old straggly plants to encourage new growth and flowering late in the season.

Evidencebased complementary and alternative medicine hindawi. A potassium oxonate po induced hyperuricemic mouse model was used to evaluate antihyperuricemia and nephroprotective effects of o. On the effects of a plant extract of orthosiphon stamineus. Frontiers orthosiphon stamineus leaf extract affects tnf. Effects of different combination concentrations of bap and. Epileptic seizures result from abnormal brain activity and can affect motor, autonomic and sensory function. Professional to supply java teaorthosiphon stamineus. This means it is taken along with lots of fluids to increase urine flow. Treated as a perennial where hardy and as an annual elsewhere. Aim of the study to investigate the diuretic activity, to elucidate its possible mechanism and to evaluate the renal effects of orthosiphon stamineus extract. Four different solvent extracts of os, namely aqueous, ethanolic, 50% aqueous ethanolic. Lambiaceae is an important plant in traditional folk medicine.

Orthosiphon stamineus has been widely used as traditional remedy for various illnesses and diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and epileptic seizures. Antiapoptotic and antioxidant activities of aqueousmethanolic extract came of orthosiphonstamineus benthos, and its hexane hf, chloroform cf, n butanol nbf, ethyl acetate eaf and water wf fractions were investigated. Establishment of orthosiphon stamineus cell suspension. A downloadable pdf document of a book in prepublication awaiting illustration. Several compounds such as betulinic acid and caffeic acid derivatives rosmarinic acid have been isolated and identified from leaves of o. Ethanol extract of orthosiphon stamineus os induced leptin expressions in both 3t3l1 adipocytes and mice in a dosedependent manner. Orthosiphon stamineus health benefits health and welfare. Orthosiphon aristatus, also known as java tea and cats whiskers is a medicinal herb traditionally used as remedies for various ailments in southeast asia and in europe. Agronomy free fulltext in vitro regeneration and issr. Seven pimarane diterpenes 17 were isolated from orthosiphon stamineus benth. Schut and zwaving, 1993 see table 3 the flavonoids sinensetin and 3hydroxy5,6,7,4tetramethoxyflavone were isolated from the leaves of. Four different solvent extracts of os, namely aqueous, ethanolic, 50%.

Medicinal potentials of orthosiphon stamineus benth. Orthosiphon stamineus of the family lamiaceae and associated with orthosiphon aristatus is a plant that originates from eastern asian nations such as vietnam, thailand, indonesia and malaysia however was presented to the west in the early 20th century where it was consumed as a tea known as java not to be puzzled with the version of java coffee. Modeling of uae on orthosiphon stamineus to optimize the ultrasoundassisted extraction uae of antioxidants and phenolic compounds from orthosiphon stamineus, a central composite facecentered ccf was designed. This name is a synonym of orthosiphon aristatus blume miq the record derives from wcsp data supplied on 20120323 which reports it as a synonym record 144445 with original publication details. Wo2011078652a1 orthosiphon stamineus extracts with. Antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects of orthosiphon. Urinary metabolomics study on the protective role of. Preliminary antihypertension studies of orthosiphon. The leaves of the plant have been used for treatment of a wide range of ailments including diabetes, hypertension, gout and cancer.

Orthosiphon aristatus or java tea grow herbal remedy in. Orthosiphon stamineus os benth is a medicinal plant and native in southeast asia. To investigate the antihyperuricemia and nephroprotective effects of orthosiphon stamineus extracts on hyperuricemia hua mice and explore the potential mechanisms methods. Leaves of this plant are used commonly in southeast asia and european countries for herbal tea, well known as java tea. All of the isolates possessed a 2deoxy27nitro2,1,3benzoxadiazol4ylaminod. Easy to root from cuttings and grows easily from seeds. Identifying the developmental stages and optimizing the. In vitro antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiproliferative. Orthosiphon stamineus extracts with beneficial use as cognition enhancer download pdf info publication number wo2011078652a1. These three fractions were investigated for antiperitoneal. It is also noted that diuretics have been used as prophylactic agents for urolithiasis. Some orthosiphon species are popular garden plants because of their flowers, which are white and bluish with filaments resembling a cats whiskers. The stem is approximately 54 cm in height at the oldest stage 62orthosiphon stamineus, the cross sections of different developmental stages of leaves and stems were examined.

Many studies have shown that orthosiphon stamineus extract oe has antioxidant activity, and we previously reported that oe protects the intestine against injury from a highfat diet. Orthosiphol l 2 is an isopimaranetype diterpene with a hydroxyl group at c12, which supports the biogenesis of staminanetype. Hptlc densitometric analysis of orthosiphon stamineus. However, the molecular mechanism underlying this protective effect of oe was unclear. It is referred to as java tea and consumed as an herbal tea in europe for urinary flushing european. May 25, 2017 orthosiphon stamineus os is a herb known in ethnomedicine for treating diabetes mellitus dm. The leaves are simple, green, and arranged in opposite pairs. This herbal plant belongs to a genus in the family of lamiaceae.

They are herbaceous shrubs which grow to a height of 1. In the genus orthosiphon lamiaceae, orthosiphon aristatus, orthosiphon pallidus, orthosiphon thymiflorus, orthosiphon stamineus are widely used in traditional medicine to prevent different diseases such as diabetes, kidney stone, edema, rheumatism, hepatitis, hypertensive and jaundice. Wed like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Optimum regeneration media was identified as ms media supplemented with 2. The plant can be identified by its white or purple flowers bearing long, protruding stamens that resemble cats whiskers.

Orthosiphon stamineus phytochemical and pharmacological research abstract in this paper a survey is given of the phytochemical and pharmacological research, known until now, into the active principles of the leaf drug orthosiphon stamineus benth. Pdf diuretic properties of orthosiphon stamineus benth. Proksch p 1992 orthosiphon aristatus blume miquelder katzenbart. Java tea orthosiphon stamineus extract and antihyperglycemic.

Antiapoptotic and antioxidant properties of orthosiphon. Despite the importance of this last application, there are very few reports on it. Orthosiphon stamineus benth or popularly known in malaysia as misai kucing is an. Five novel highly oxygenated diterpenes of orthosiphon. Online plant guide orthosiphon stamineus cats whiskers. Orthosiphon stamineus os is a herb known in ethnomedicine for treating diabetes mellitus dm. Pdf preliminary morphological and anatomical study of. The leaves of the plant are used on their own and also in combination with various other herbs. Orthosiphon stamineus, better known as misai kucing or cats whiskers by the locals, contained active phenolics compounds such as flavanoids. Five novel highly oxygenated diterpenes, orthosiphols k 1, l 2, m 3, and n 4 and norstaminone a 5, were isolated from the aerial part of orthosiphon stamineus, together with three known diterpenes, orthosiphols a 6 and b 7 and neoorthosiphol a 8. Moreover, in asia, the edicts of a flawless facial skin turn oily skin into a major concern for asian women. A potassium oxonate po induced hyperuricemic mouse model was used.

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