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Tactical dueling arena champions october 2001, stock number. As a pilot on the distant planet terra nova, you play the highstakes game of competitive gear dueling. The number of dice to be used in a roll is either specified. Heavy gear arena crowd strips grey background dream pod 9. Heavy gear is a mecha science fiction game universe published since 1994 by canadian. The trove is the biggest open directory of rpg pdfs on the internet. The world of heavy gear assault is unforgiving but so is your lust for glory.

Its been years since i even thought about heavy gear, a franchise. Heavy gear arena is a fast paced, highly customisable tactical battle game set in the award winning heavy gear setting from dream pod 9. Welcome to heavy gear arena, the fastpaced competitive world of gear dueling. The dream pod 9 social distancing sale is on now thru midnight est may 31st, 2020. Heavy gear arena boa heavy gear arena and blitz shiny. Gladiator mechs battle for fame and cash in heavy gear arena. Ais may also open the arena for developing products in. I was thinking of getting started with the 2nd edition books as the minis can be used on the newer editions as well. The setting is also known through the pc game incarnations published by activision in 1997 and 1999, which were developed after activision lost the rights to the battletech. Heavy gear arena core rules dream pod 9 heavy gear. Youve seen the simulation and the arcade shooter, now you get the wacky rockem, sockem robots. Heavy gear is a mecha science fiction game universe published since 1994 by canadian publisher dream pod 9.

Heavy gear arena dream pod 9 customisable tactical battle. Heavy gear blitz introduction, whats needed to play. You can acquire print or pdf copies of the heayv gear arena core rules at dream pod 9. Earn fame and fortune by making a name for yourself on the arena floor. The boa pack contains one boa heavy gear with a variety of weapon options. It includes a tabletop tactical wargame, a roleplaying game, and a combat card game heavy gear fighter. Arena swimwear is your shop for high tech, competitive swimwear, swimsuits, gear, and equipment. Heavy gear arena faq heavy gear arena faqs since heavy gear arena s release there have been some questions asked with regularity on the forums. Heavy gear arena is a fast paced, highly customizable tactical battle game set in the award winning heavy gear setting. Only the best stay in the games and earn their legendary. Heavy gear assault is an online multiplayer mech game where the core of the game features duelists who pilot war machines known as gears. A world where multiton humanoid robotic vehicles fight in steel and concrete arena s for the entertainment of the crowd. This model is suitable for heavy gear arena and heavy gear blitz.

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